Here at Medical Division – OSMOLIFE

We have an ambitious goal: to improve people health

In 2013 this dream becomes reality: MEDICAL DIVISION OSMOLIFE is born.
The results and the enthusiasm that ensued led Angelo to make a consideration:
“Why stop with my mother, why not allow others to enjoy the benefits of my experience?”.

The next ten years, years of effort, difficulty, passion and dedication culminated in the design and implementation of the OSMOLIFE DIRECT 2000, the drinking water treatment system made in Italy.
Today the commitment of the Medical Division group – Osmolife, which boasts a staff of 50 highly specialized internal resources, in addition to 150 external, is to guide the community towards solutions that improve the quality of life and the well-being of the family, through the choice of healthy eating and therefore safe water.


The commitment, carried out over the years, by the Medical Division – Osmolife itself does not stop at informing and raising awareness in the community in paying more attention to water, no longer packaged but “alive” and available as an element / food of subsistence for their own survival, and to suggest quantity and quality of the water to drink.
Instead, with an innovative and continuous study, in the immediate future it is proposed an improvement of its hydro-saline product, in order to raise it to high quality standards. This technological process will make use of a technological support, both for the control, remotely, of the water purification plant, and with the precious and constant support of the Eight for Life association that will continue in its mission to deepen the benefits of water alkaline on the human body.
Finally, a commitment that the Medical Division – Osmolife wants to take on, in an increasingly clear and decisive manner in the near future, is the contrast, through the design of more and more water islands, to the accumulation of plastic waste that every day, every year they crowd our seas and our planet. “The environmental theme is dear and precious to our company and our mission is to reduce the plastic emitted in order to guarantee a sustainable future for our children and future generations.”